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Thanks To

Financial Contributors

We are grateful to the following for providing major funding for development of the NatureServe Explorer web site:

  • Mr. Ben Hammett
  • National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII)
  • Oracle Corporation
  • The Seaver Institute
  • The United States Department of Defense Legacy Resource Management Program
  • The United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • The United States Forest Service

Hardware and Software Contributors

Thanks to the following companies for donating hardware and software used in developing NatureServe Explorer:

  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Symantec
Thanks also to the following for making available open-source software used in developing NatureServe Explorer:
  • Apache Software Foundation
  • CVS []
  • Caucho []
  • Java Apache Project []
  • WebMacro []
  • WinCVS []

Bird and Mammal Range Maps

The bird and mammal range maps are a the product of a three-year collaboration among the following institutions: NatureServe, Conservation International—Center for Applied Biodiversity Science, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund-US, and Environment Canada—Wildspace. In addition, we especially acknowledge the contributions of Robert Ridgely and James Zook for providing access to their unpublished range maps of the birds of South and Central America, respectively.

Freshwater Fish Distribution Maps

For their generous financial support, we thank the Regina Bauer Frankenberg Foundation for Animal Welfare, The Nature Conservancy, the Central Administrative Office of the USDA Forest Service (Fort Collins, CO), and the US Geological Survey. We also thank the many scientists who reviewed draft versions of the data, especially Mr. Howard Jelks (USGS).

Data Contributors

NatureServe Explorer would not be possible without the information developed over many years by biologists in state and provincial natural heritage programs and conservation data centers and by staff of The Nature Conservancy and NatureServe. We are profoundly grateful for their hard work and dedication to the task of understanding and documenting our natural heritage. The efforts of these programs, in turn, rely on collaboration with and contributions of data from scientists at universities, conservation organizations, natural history museums, botanical gardens, and state and federal agencies. We thank these hundreds of collaborators for their contributions to this effort, and for their work to discover, describe, and protect the diversity of life on earth. For detailed acknowledgments of data contributions, please see About the Data, as well as the specific sources listed in individual NatureServe Explorer records.

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