NatureServe Explorer presents information that has been developed over many years by biologists in state and provincial natural heritage programs and conservation data centers and by staff of The Nature Conservancy and NatureServe. We are profoundly grateful for their hard work and dedication to the task of understanding and documenting our natural heritage. The efforts of these programs, in turn, rely on collaboration with and contributions of data from scientists at universities, conservation organizations, natural history museums, botanical gardens, and state and federal agencies. We thank these hundreds of collaborators for their contributions to this effort, and for their work to discover, describe, and protect the diversity of life on earth. Sources of data for particular species and ecological units are listed in the references section of individual NatureServe Explorer records.

Sources of data related to the following two areas deserve special discussion, since they underpin so much of the information presented in NatureServe Explorer.

Classification Sources: The taxonomic sources NatureServe Explorer relies on for species names, and the methods used for classifying ecological communities and systems.

Distribution Sources: the sources NatureServe Explorer relies on for documenting the distribution of plants, animals, and ecological communities and systems.


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