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Downloading Systems Data

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You can download the ecological systems in your search results into a report of the Descriptions of Ecological Systems for Modeling of LANDFIRE Biophysical Settings (in PDF format) and save it to your computer. If you need to retrieve the report again, it will be available on the NatureServe Explorer server for 24 hours.

About the Report

The report contains brief descriptions of ecological systems. It is designed specifically for partners of the Inter-agency Landfire project, which uses ecological systems as the basis for mapped Biophysical Settings (BpS). A more generic report will be available in the future.

To Download a Report

  1. Click the Download Sytems PDF button at the top of the results page to download all of the systems in your results. This button will not appear if there are no ecological systems in your results.
    NOTE: Associations, alliances, and species will automatically be excluded from the report.
  2. The Download Ecological Systems Data page should open. Modify the report title as desired. (We recommend keeping the title length to no more than two lines.)
  3. Enter your email address twice. (Your email address will only be used to notify you when your report is ready for download.)
  4. Read the license and check the box to agree to its terms.
  5. Click Download.
  6. Wait for an email from (You may want to add this email address to your spam filter safe-sender list so that it is not treated as spam.) The time needed to generate the report is exponentially linked to the number of systems included in the report. A report of 70 systems should take a minute or two, while a report of all 600+ systems may take as much as an hour to generate. We anticipate working on performance enhancements in the next phase of development.
Note: Until a bug is fixed, even UNCHECKED systems in your results list will be included in your report.

Accessing files

Once the report has been created an email will be sent to the address provided:

  1. Click the link in the email http://.../download/Landfire_Report_YYYY-MM-DD_#.pdf to view the report in your web browser.
  2. When viewing the report in a web browser you can save it to your system by going to the File menu and choosing Save for Internet Explorer or Save Page As for Firefox.
  3. Choose the location on your computer to save to. This will save a .pdf file which can be opened with any PDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer)

Alternately, bookmark the http://.../download/Landfire_Report_YYYY-MM-DD_#.pdf address to retreive the data within the next 24 hours

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