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Example of an ecological community search

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You can search for ecological communities by only Name, Location, or Status, but a combination of these may provide more meaningful results.

For example, you want to find communities with Idaho Fescue only in Idaho that are vulnerable (G3).

Name: Idaho Fescue
Location: Idaho
Status: Vulnerable or G3

Searching by each criterion separately

  • Idaho Fescue in the Name tab found 70 associations and 2 alliances.
  • Idaho in the Location tab found 470 associations and 197 alliances.
  • G3 Vulnerable in the Status tab found 1159 associations.

Note: Global conservation statuses do NOT apply to alliances.

Searching by two criteria

  • Idaho Fescue and Idaho found 33 associations and 2 alliances.
  • Idaho Fescue and G3 vulnerable found 29 assocations.
  • Idaho and G3 vulnerable found 156 associations.

Searching by all three criteria

Combining all the three criteria, vulnerable Idaho Fescue in Idaho, found only two records:

  • Festuca idahoensis - Deschampsia cespitosa Herbaceous Vegetation
  • Festuca campestris - Festuca idahoansis Herbaceous Vegetation


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