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Combining species and ecological community searches

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You can search for plants, animals, and ecological communities at the same time. Add search criteria under the Plants/Animals and Ecological Communities tabs, then click Search Now. The results will appear in two lists in one set of search results with the number of species, associations, and alliances listed above the table.

Note: You can use any type of search for plants, animals or ecological communities in a combined search.

In other words, you cannot search for a woodpecker or fern in an ecological community, but you can combine searches to find where a plant or animal and an ecological community occur within the same states or provinces. In this case, you would choose the same Locations in the Plants/Animals and Ecological Communities tabs. Then, you can use the distribution maps for each to find where a species and community overlap.

Or, you can view correlations among the locations of imperiled species and imperiled communities. For this type of search you would narrow your Plants/Animals and Ecological Communities searches by the same Statuses.

However, retrieving plant, animal, and ecological community information in a combined search does NOT mean that the plant or animal and the ecological communities necessarily coexist at the same sites on the ground. Current NatureServe Explorer information lists the states and provinces where plants, animals, and ecological communities do or may occur, which is too coarse a filter to indicate any true correlations. Use combined search results only as a STARTING POINT got your continued research into relationaships among plants, animals, and ecological communities.

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