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Viewing and changing search criteria

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As you add search criteria in the Plants/Animals and Ecological Communties tabs, the critera will be listed at the end of the table. Criteria will also appear in your browser as NatureServe Explorer conducts the search. They will always appear at the end of the results page.

Viewing your criteria

To view your criteria,

  • As you build a search in the Plants/Animals or Ecological Communities tab, click Check Criteria.
  • On the results page, click criteria in the table header or scroll to the bottom.

Changing your criteria

If you want to change the search criteria after you view the results, you can start with a new search or modify the previous one.

From the results page,

  • Click New Search to create a new search starting with a blank Plants/Animals or Ecological Communities tab.
  • Click Change Criteria to return to the previous Plants/Animals or Ecological Communties tab with your search criteria still in place. Then, edit criteria as needed.


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